Can You Use A Switch As A Repeater?

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By Markus Winkelhock

In networking, switches are just as common as repeaters. But are they interchangeable? Many people do not know the answer and are not aware of the differences and similarities between each.

A switch that does not have a built-in amplifier will not function and it won’t have the same capabilities as a repeater. A repeater can amplify a signal which has been degraded, and extend its range. While a switch creates a virtual pathway for connected devices to communicate with each other.

This article will explain what a switch is and how it works. It will also discuss the differences between them. Then we will see if a switch or repeater can be used.

What is a Repeater?

A repeater, for networking purposes, is a networking piece of hardware that operates on the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection Model) layer. A repeater’s function is to regenerate, amplify, and retransmit a signal that has been received (usually attenuated).

In networking, the signal begins to degrade when it travels a distance. We can therefore say that a repeater is designed to extend the reach of the signal and preserve its integrity. The data can travel more safely and further across the signal.

Consider, for example, your WiFi router. You may have sections of your home where your router’s range is not enough. This could be because of the many floors, concrete walls, or the size of your home. You can buy a WiFi extender, place it where there is a weak WiFi signal, and connect it to your router. This will essentially boost the weak signal, extending your WiFi range.

Depending on the model, a repeater can not only receive and transmit WiFi signals, but also electrical and optical signals.

What is a Switch?

A switch, also known as a repeater, is a networking piece of hardware. This hardware piece will connect devices in a network using packet switching, a method for grouping data. This device also operates at the OSI networking layer.

A multiport networking bridge is more specifically a switch. A networking bridge is a device which creates a single network out of multiple networks or segments. Bridging is not to be confused with Routing. It connects two networks, making them appear as one. Routing allows multiple networks communicate independently.

What is the function of a switch?

A switch is a device that connects devices to form a network. It is used to transmit data from one device (or network) to another by placing the address of the receiver in the switch’s header. Once it has received the data at the correct address, the switch will map out all the ports. In the future, the switch will map the correct device to the port it is connected to, so that the data can be sent to only the correct device.

What is the difference between switch and repeater?

Although they look similar, repeaters are different from switches. You may have a good understanding after reading our descriptions, but we’ll make it clear for the question if you can you use a switch as a repeater.

Repeaters are used to boost and extend the range and power of a network signal. They do this by amplifying the signal and regenerating it to allow it to travel further. Switches do not perform this function. A switch creates virtual digital channels from physical connections, allowing devices connected to it (to send and receive data) to communicate with each other as well as other devices in the network.

What is the difference between an on/off switch and a signal repeater?

A repeater will increase the strength of the signal, while a switching device will only be able to run at the maximum speed that the connected devices can reach. The network signal will not be boosted by a switch unless it is equipped with a repeater (which will be discussed under the next section).

Can a switch also be used as a Repeater?

Switches are available in different speeds. Some people may believe that the distance between connected devices and the switch does not matter if you purchase a switch that is fast. This is because switches can transfer data up to 10Gbps. This is not the case for can you use a switch as a repeater.

The distance between a device and a switch, or switches daisy chained together cannot exceed 328 feet. Signal degradation and loss will occur if the maximum cable length is exceeded. The signal will be affected by this type of degradation or loss, regardless of the switch speed. This is why repeaters are used.

The repeater is placed at the end of the network cable that exceeds 100 meters (328 feet). It will boost the signal and allow it to regenerate.

It is important to note that networks can extend hundreds of meters, if not blocks. Repeaters are therefore often placed in the network layout. Many manufacturers have begun to include repeaters within their switches to accomplish two functions.

  • Connect network devices to transmit data
  • Signal Boosting and Regeneration

Why would you need a switch if it has a repeater?

A repeater is usually located between two switches daisy chained together. In a physical network, a repeater can boost only one signal. It will therefore have one port that allows for both an incoming and outgoing signal.

In a network, there is no reason to have a second switch between two switches. There are no additional ports needed. A repeater with a single connection point is the best solution for these scenarios.

Can a Repeater be used to switch a light?

You could classify a repeater as a switch if it boosts the network signal and allows devices to connect (like a WiFi Repeater). In its simplest definition, a “switch” is a device to which multiple devices can be connected, allowing them to transmit data.

You would still navigate through the network your router set up. In this case, the repeater acts as a switch in a certain way so it is possible you can you use a switch as a repeater.

It would also be helpful to understand that switches rely on physical connections, such as ethernet cables or physical ports. In commercial terms, a repeater is a wireless range extender.

The conclusion of can you use a switch as a repeater

We concluded, after understanding the difference between a switch (in networking terms) and a repeater (at a fundamental networking level), that a switching device could not be used to replace a repeater.

A repeater is a device that boosts and extends the signal. Switches connect networking devices. Some switches have repeaters built in, which allows them to perform the same functions as a repeater.

We found that some repeaters and extenders act as switches, because they allow devices to connect (in the case a WiFi extender), allowing them to use the network.

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