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Why Seth Godin’s new book “LINCHPIN” is BRILLIANT and SCARY

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 26 Jan 2010, 12:01 AM – 6 Comments

Seth Godin is one of my heroes and my work is hugely influenced by his work. I couldn’t wait to read his new book “LINCHPIN.” ( It was an honor to see my photo in the inside cover)

I thought I will finish reading this book on the same day that I got my hands on it. Boy, was I wrong.

Today is the launch of Seth Godin’s new book “LINCHPIN.”

In general, it takes me a day or two to complete reading a business book. LINCHPIN was different in many respects. I couldn’t complete reading the book for full two weeks. It was not a comfortable read by any means.


First, it was a different kind of book.

Second, it was a different kind of book compared to Seth’s earlier books.

Let us look at the themes of some of the previous books by Seth:

1. In “Permission Marketing” talks about earning the permission of your audience before you sell something. If you don’t do that, you might not get the kind of results that you will get with permission. In other words, without permission marketing, results will be mediocre.

2. “Purple Cow” was about doing something remarkable. People will remark if you do something “remark”able. In other words, if you don’t do something remarkable, you will get mediocre results.

3. In “Free Prize Inside,” Seth’s focus was on how to make your offers better. What could you include that the audience would consider as “free prize” and get more attracted.

In LINCHPIN, Seth focuses on BEING rather than DOING. Seth’s compassionate plea is for everyone to “be” an artist – be a Linchpin rather than a cog in the wheel.

There is no premium paid for “being” a cog in the wheel. Not just that, your survival is at stake if you continue “being” a cog in the wheel. So, it is not like you have a choice on whether you want to do something different. You don’t have a choice but to start “being” a different person – an artist – someone who creates.

The book is BRILLIANT because it’s a wake-up call for most professionals. Wake up call to let them know that they are heading towards a cliff if they continue “being” who they are.

The book is SCARY because of the timing. It clearly shows that professionals neither have a choice or a LOT OF TIME to debate on this. They have to start “being” an artist NOW. No other choice.

Knowing how busy Seth is, I asked only one question to Seth and here is that question and Seth’s response.

Rajesh: Seth, I love LINCHPIN and am most certain that I will re-read it in the next few days. Knowing the speed at which the publishing industry works, I am sure you have thought about LINCHPIN after the book had gone to print. What are a few things that you would have included on this topic if the book went to print TODAY?

Seth: After you’ve written a few books, you realize that the publishing industry works at its own pace. A blog post takes three minutes to reach the world, a book takes 9 months (if you hurry). The book I wrote was written knowing that people might read it a year or two or ten after I wrote it. So I pushed myself to avoid the solace of recency and the shortcut of the immediate and instead tried to write something that might make you a bit uncomfortable (it certainly made me uncomfortable when I was writing it!).

The short answer is that I wouldn’t change a word.


I have scheduled a bunch of tweets starting 3am PST with some selected insights from LINCHPIN. There will be a tweet every 30 minutes. You can follow them here on Twitter: @UpbeatNow (under hashtag #LINCHPIN)

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Top 10+1 Content Marketing Tips for 2010; Free eBook Download

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 20 Jan 2010, 3:05 AM – 2 Comments

Ambal Balakrishnan (@ambal) from ClickDocuments (@clickdocuments) asked  top experts in Content Marketing, B2B Marketing and Social Media Marketing to share their predictions on how the world of content marketing will evolve in 2010. The effort was sponsored by Marketo.

The result: ClickPredictions 2010 eBook

Here are the top 10+1 Tips for Content Marketing in 2010

(all based on the predictions in the book)

1. Interruptive, “tell-and-sell” marketing is a thing of the past
2. Don’t follow the crowd.
3. Get visual!
4. Grow more ears.
5. Think about engagement
6. ROI realities emerge. Pay attention to them.
7. Don’t forget the recession.
8. Scale back the volume; it’s quality that matters
9. Understand your sales process and funnel.
10. Find the writers inside your organization.
11. Bonus Tip: It’s not the size of your megaphone that matters; it’s the size of your customers’ megaphones.

Ambal and I want to thank everyone (especially the contributors, the sponsor and the team at Stresslimitdesign) for making this happen.

You can read more about the eBook and download it on the ClickDocuments site. Here is the link:

ClickDocuments: ClickPredictions 2010 eBook (FREE download)

Have a great day.

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My 2010 Social Media Manifesto

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 30 Dec 2009, 1:04 AM – 7 Comments

This is my social media approach for 2010. I am sure this will change over a period of time.

1. No short-term strategy: This has been my mantra since the time I started my blog (Feb 14, 2005.) However tempting the lure of short-term traffic, I will refrain from doing anything to simply get traffic to the blog.

2. Longevity of Content: 90% of my blog posts will have a long-term value. Yes, 10% of them will be announcements and such. In this regard, I will experiment with having an Editorial Calendar for the first time in five years.

3. Home Base: My blog Life Beyond Code will continue to be the main focus however tempting the other social networking sites are. My strategy for blogging is outlined in my book BLOGTASTIC! most of which I am giving away here:

Squidoo: Blogging Starter Checklist

4. Reach: I have no plans of joining any new social networks. [ So please don’t send requests from the social network that is the next best thing to sliced bread]

5. Comments: I will respond to as many comments as I can on my blog. I already know that I can’t respond to all comments. I will add more comments on other blogs than what I did in 2009.

6. Guest Blogging: I will continue to guest blog on the blogs [, Active Garage and Lateral Action] I signed up to guest blog. Exploring adding one more blog to the mix depending on the availability of time.

7. THINKaha books: More books to come out in the THINKaha series. Many o fthem are already planned so it’s a matter of executing on them well.

8. Connections: Will strive to meet my goal of connecting right people (# of the connections for 2010 is not finalized yet). My strategy on connecting outlined in the book Lasting Relationships (free, PDF, no registration required)

9. Speaking: Will focus on existing and new speaking commitments. Speaking topics to be expanded – currently they are on the drawing board. Some of my speaking topics are here.

10. Fiction: Will publish my first fiction work in English in 2010. The last fiction book (in Kannada language) I wrote was published in 1987

11. THINKsulting: I experimented with THINKsulting in 2009 and will get it going in 2010.

I am sure all of you have your own approach to social media in 2010. Whatever that is, I want to wish you success with it.

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What Matters Now – Free eBook

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 14 Dec 2009, 2:01 AM – 19 Comments

What Matters Now” is a free eBook that talks about.. well, what matters now. You can click on the image above (or the download button at the end of this blog post) to download the eBook

Note: The file is more than 3MB in size so please ensure that your bandwidth supports downloading the file of this size.

Why “What Matters Now” matters now?

This is an 82 page eBook with more than 70 contributors. Each one of them have provided one word (along with a short 200 word essay on that word) that they think matters now.

It is a Seth Godin idea brilliantly executed by Ishita Gupta, one of the members of Seth’s MBA (SAMBA) project.

I am delighted to be one of the contributors for this exciting project.

Contributors for “What Matters Now”

Here are the contributors for the eBook.

The Contributions

The words contributed by each contributor are listed below. You need to download the eBook to read the accompanying essays.

  1. Generosity by Seth Godin
  2. Fear by Anne Jackson
  3. Facts by Jessica Hagy
  4. Diginity by Jacqueline Novogratz
  5. Meaning by Hugh McLeod
  6. Ease by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray and Love)
  7. Connected by Howard Mann
  8. Re-Capitalism by Chris Meyer
  9. Vision by Michael Hyatt
  10. Enrichment by Rajesh Setty
  11. 1% by Jackie Huba and Ben McConnell
  12. Speaking by Mark Hurst
  13. ATOMS by Chris Anderson
  14. Excellence by Tom Peters
  15. Most by William C. Taylor
  16. Strengths by Marti Barletta
  17. Ripple by John Wood
  18. Unsustainability by Alan Webber
  19. Autonomy by Dan Pink
  20. Poker by Tony Hsieh
  21. Momentum by Dave Ramsey
  22. Consequence by Saul Griffith
  23. Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer
  24. Harmony by Jack Covert
  25. Tough-Mindedness by Steven Pressfield
  26. Evangelism by Guy Kawasaki
  27. Compassion by Mitch Joel
  28. Knowledge by Alisa Miller
  29. Parsing by Clay Johnson
  30. Forever by Piers Fawkes
  31. Empathy by Karen Armstrong
  32. Neoteny by Joi Ito
  33. Celebrate by Megan Casey
  34. DIY by Jay Parkinson
  35. Adventure by Robyn Waters
  36. Dumb by Dave Balter
  37. Nobody by Micah Sifry
  38. Analog by George Dyson
  39. Independent Diplomacy by Carne Ross
  40. THNX by Gary Vaynerchuk
  41. Attention by David Meerman Scott
  42. Context by Jeff Jonas
  43. Change by Chip and Dan Heath
  44. Passion by Derek Sivers
  45. Magnetize by Fred Krupp
  46. Confidence by Tim Sanders
  47. Slow Capital by Fred Wilson
  48. Open-Source DNA by Kevin Kelly
  49. Technology by Phoebe Espiritu
  50. Expertise by Aaron Wall
  51. Fascination by Sally Hogshead
  52. Difference by David Weinberger
  53. World Healers by Martha Beck
  54. Sacrifice by John Moore
  55. Focus by Todd Sattersten
  56. Leap by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  57. Women by Paco Underhill
  58. Timeless by Mark Rovner
  59. .eDO by Dale Dougherty
  60. Productivity by Gina Trapani
  61. Iterative Capital by Michael Scharge
  62. Willpower by Ramit Sethi
  63. Mesh by Lisa Gansky
  64. Enough by Merlin Mann
  65. (Dis)Trust by Dan Ariely
  66. Social Skills by Penelope Trunk
  67. I’m Sorry by Jason Fried
  68. Sleep by Arianna Huffington
  69. Knowing by Dan Roam
  70. Government 2.0 by Tim O’Reilly
  71. You Can’t by Aimee Johnson
  72. Gumption by J.C. Hutchins

Download the eBook

You can download the eBook for FREE here.


What can you do with this eBook?

Here, you have an opportunity to see what do the 72 contributors think matters NOW. You can get a peek into their minds in a matter of minutes and at no cost.

Each essay is less than 200 words so there is no reason to skip any entry. Once you go through all of them, mark the ones that you think will make the most sense for you personally and for your business or career or both. Print those sheets so that you can review them multiple times over the next few weeks. Better yet, use the information on those sheets – meaning take some action at the first available opportunity. What you use you remember.

Second, there may be one or more people in your network that should read the book. Send them the eBook or a link to the eBook so that they get an opportunity to read this too.

Have a great week ahead.

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NaNoWriMo – Making a Dream Come True

By Rajesh Setty on Fri 20 Nov 2009, 10:11 PM – 6 Comments

This is story about a story that was made possible by NaNoWriMo. This is a THANK YOU post for NaNoWriMo and the wonderful people behind it.

First, some background. For those of you who have followed me for a long time, you know that I started my writing journey when my first book (a murder mystery) was published a while ago (read story here). I have been fascinated by fiction for a LONG time. My first four books were fiction (murder mysteries, spy thrillers etc.)

In the recent past, I have written business books and created a DVD program ( Beyond Code, Upbeat, TH!NKtweet and The Fulcrum Effect)

There was always this lingering thought that I should write some fiction one day. As you can imagine, that one day would never come because there are many interesting projects going on in life. There is always an excuse to not start on something that you love.

So, when I heard of NaNoWriMo, I was intrigued. NaNoWriMo is a worldwide phenomenon where people take on a seemingly impossible task of writing a novel in 30 days in the month of November. The minimum number of words is 50,000 to be one of the winners. You can read more about how it works on the NaNoWriMo site. But the simple technique is to write at least 1,1667 words per day every single day. So, in other words, you have to spend just one hour every night and you can create a novel. It may not be the best work but it is something to start.

So what makes NaNoWriMo work?

Here are a few things to start with:

1. There is a clear start date (Nov 1) and a clear deadline (Nov 30)

2. There is a specific outcome (at least 50K words)

3. There is a method to the madness ( 1,667 words per day at least)

4. There is a support structure ( total of 162,000+ people total, close to 1000 people in south bay)

5. Write-ins (where writers come together to have writing sprints)

6. Mini-celebrations (halfway parties, dangerous writing nights etc.)

7. Thriving community

8. Plot Ninjas (where people pose challenges to include in your novel)

I can go on..but you get the point.

I took on the challenge and I am delighted to report that as of 19th november, my novel crossed 50,000 words.

Note: Click on the image above or here to see the latest wordcount.

I am not done with it yet but I would not have reached here without NaNoWriMo and the challenge.

Highlights of the journey in the last 19 days


1. I had read the following books in preparation:

Story by Robert McKee

On Writing by Stephen King

The Art of Fiction by Ayn Rand

No Plot, No Problem by Chris Baty (founder of NaNoWriMo)

2. Attended a 4 day program on storytelling by Robert McKee. It was simply one of the best programs I attended.

2. Requested two close friends (names to be disclosed soon) to help me with completing the project (polishing, editing etc.) once the book is complete. So I am covered to make this a good book.

3. Created my own plan (20 day plan rather than a 30 day plan) – this involved 10 hours of writing in the weekends and 2 hours of writing every weekday night. I didn’t have the time to work on it during the week days.

4. Purchased Scrivener to write my manuscript

5. Discussed my story idea with four friends to make sure that I was not (totally) crazy. Refined the story in my mind. Did not write a single word on paper (that is one of the rules)

During the 19 days

1. Things changed drastically during the 19 day period. I knew that things won’t go the way I had planned. I started exactly at 12.01am on November 1.  I took a really big lead (completed more than 10,000 words in two days) at the start.

2. Things slipped multiple times but the early lead helped me to stick to the plan.

3. When things were almost slipping, I went to Write-In where I got back my motivation to write another five thousand words to get back into the plan.

4. Made a few new friends in-person and on Twitter and created a virtual support group.

5. Once I got past 40,000 words, there was no other option but to go all out last weekend to get to 50,000 words.

So, NaNoWriMo was what made it happen for me. My request to you is to think about your own project (it need not be writing a novel) and see if there is a support group and a community that you can participate and make that dream a reality NOW!!!

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Event: Thought Leadership 2.0

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 03 Nov 2009, 11:10 AM – Leave Comment

If you are in the bay area on November 18, I would love to see you at this event where I will be speaking about how to build thought leadership without breaking your back.

A quick summary

Thought Leadership 2.0

Building thought leadership without breaking your back

Everyone knows the benefit of being established as a thought leader. For starters, there is an immediate trustworthiness associated with thought leaders that will increase your influence as you are perceived as someone who “knows” and who “cares.”

In the old world, tools to build thought leadership included writing books, speaking and getting the attention of the media. There was a physical limit on the number of spots available and the competition was intense. Social Media seemed to change that with everyone being able to create their own platform to establish thought leadership. However, this created its own problem. With more than 150 million blogs and more than 50 million people on Twitter, how do you ensure that you are heard?

In this talk, #THINKtweet series editor and successful entrepreneur Rajesh Setty will cover what it takes to build thought leadership in this new world.

More details are here.

Silicon Valley Business Meetup: Thought Leadership 2.0

Note: There is a fee of $20 to attend. All attendees will receive free copy of ONE of the books below:

1. “#THINKtweet” by Rajesh Setty

2. “#DIVERSITYtweet” by Deepika Bajaj or

3. “#MILLENNIALtweet” by Alexandra Levitt

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Events I am participating this week

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 10:56 PM – Leave Comment

Here are three events where I am participating this week. Two are live events and one is an online event. Look forward to connecting with those of you who are planning to attend at these events.

1. Speaking on “How to Write Books on Twitter” at Cool Twitter Conferences (Sep 24, 2009)

You can read more about the event at the following link:

2. Conducting a workshop on Networking at the SIPA event (Sep 24, 2009)

You can read more about the event on the Facebook event page

3. Melody Campbell interviews on Blog Talk Radio (Sep 25, 2009)

You can read more about the event and also get the call-in details here:

Thanks for all the support and have a great week ahead!

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Announcing defiant – a social media book project

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 30 Aug 2009, 10:30 PM – 6 Comments

defiant_spreadsToday we are announcing the launch of

defiant: Practical Tips for Thriving in Tough Times

This 90-page eBook that was made possible  because of the power of social media. The entire project was conceived, created and implemented using the power of social media. The key tools used were LinkedIn Answers, blog, Facebook, Twitter and of course my mailing list.

Social Media and a few months of work, we have a 90 page eBook titled:


Practical Tips for Thriving in Tough Times

It is a collection of more than 80 tips from 50+ smart people who were kind enough to contribute for this project.

More information about the book is given below. The page is not public yet but wanted to give you a sneak preview before we announce it on Monday.

ActiveGarage – defiant: A social media project

I am pleased with the outcome and I hope you will be pleased with it too. I request you to download the book (there is no registration and no strings attached as I want MORE people to benefit from the collective insights from more than 50 smart people) below:

ActiveGarage – defiant: A social media project

Now, this is for those who are curious about how and why this book was created. The following section also appears as Appendix IV in the book.

Story behind defiant!

The bulk of the social media engagement happened over 30 days and here is a day-by-day account of what happened.

Day 1: Over the last few weeks, I met a number of people who were laid off and numberof people who were in the fear of facing a layoff. While the people who were laid off were disappointed, I found that people who were facing a layoff were more disturbed because of the uncertainty. I decided to look back in the last four years and see whether I can create an eBook that will offer some specific help to people who are facing a layoff

Day 2 – Day 5: I wrote about 10,000 words based on my last four years of writing on my blog “Life Beyond Code”

Day 2: I sent an email request to about twenty people that I respect to ask them to share ONE tip that will help people who are facing a layoff. This is the text of that letter:

Dear <<Name>>,

Hope you are doing well.

Being in Silicon Valley, I see people getting laid off almost everyday. Actually, I see more people who are in the “fear of a layoff” everyday. Talking to them in the last couple of months, I think the “living in the fear of facing a layoff” is worse than being laid off. Why?

Because both the employee and the employer lose in that game.

So, I have embarked on a journey to write an eBook titled:

Facing A Layoff AND Doing It Anyway

I am almost complete with the first draft and want to include a few tips from people that I


Would you be willing to share just ONE tip for people who are facing a layoff.

You can, of course send me more than ONE tip but being respectful of your time, I am

requesting one tip.

Thanks in advance.



Over the next few days I received responses from a number of people who offered wonderful tips that are included in Appendix II

Day 3: I tweeted a request and requested a retweet to spread the message and ask for help from people on Twitter. Here are the two tweets:

1. Help me with my eBook:”Facing a Layoff AND Doing it Anyway” Share 1 tip to help people who are facing a layoff. Please Retweet

2 . Have a tip to help people facing a layoff? Please share and please retweet

The message was retweeted by a few friends and I got a few good responses that have been included in Appendix III.

Day 3: I have connected by Twitter account to my Facebook account and my tweets are updated as status messages. I have a few thoughtful friends on Twitter who responded with a few tips over the next two days. I have included those tips in Appendix III.

Day 4: Changed the name of the book to


Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times

(Inspired by the movie “Defiance”)

Day 5: Posted a request on my blog Life Beyond Code

After the Twitter experiment, I wanted to get help from my readers at Life Beyond Code. I posted this request as a blog post on Day 5

Have a tip for someone facing a layoff?

Being in Silicon Valley, I see people getting laid off almost everyday. Actually, I see more people

who are in the “fear of a layoff” everyday. Talking to them in the last couple of months, I think

the “living in the fear of facing a layoff” is worse than being laid off.


Because both the employee and the employer lose in that game. The employee loses because

he is NOT giving his or her best. The employer loses actually for the same reason,

So, I embarked on a journey to write an eBook titled:


Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times

(Yes, the title is inspired by the movie “Defiance”)

The book is now complete. This time around, I have added an Appendix where I will include specific tips contributed by thoughtful people. I have got thirty of them so far and am lookin for twenty more tips. Please make it original and something that others might have not thought about. Tips like “Update your LinkedIn profile,” “Update your resume” are important but

common. I am looking for something more innovative and your help is appreciated.

Do you have one SPECIFIC tip for people who are facing a layoff?

You can write a comment here or send me an email directly. My contact details are at http://

If I select the tip to include in the eBook, I will include a link to your website along with your tip. If someone else has already submitted the tip, I will let you know as well.

Thanks again in advance.

My hope was that I will get some gems in the comments or in my email.

Day 6 -9 : Nothing significant to report except continuing to write the book. I also used this time to respond to all the people who contributed with a tip and/or insight.

Day 10: Posted a question on LinkedIn Q&A requesting a tip or insight for people who are facing a layoff.

Day 11 – 16: Responses from several people from LinkedIn poured in. I was amazed by the quality of responses. I spent the next few days in email exchanges with clarifications on the responses. Finally I included most of the contributions from LinkedIn into this eBook

Day 17 and Beyond: The next few weeks was spent writing, editing (with the help of Bill Sherman) and designing (with the help of James Wondrack)

Today: The book is in your hands.

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Think, Write, Retire: An interview with Dr. Mani

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 24 Aug 2009, 10:38 PM – 7 Comments

thinkwriteretire-coverMy good friend Sunil Kanderi introduced me to Dr. Mani earlier this year. I am so glad I met Dr. Mani. I have been fascinated with his work and how much he is GIVING to this world.

Today is the release of Dr. Mani’s book – “Think, Write, Retire.” Being an Infopreneur, Dr. Mani has put together a great deal for people who will buy his book today. You can get the details about the promotion here

Think, Write & Retire Launch

Learn about 14 bonuses that he has put together that is worth way over $600 for buying this cool book.

Think, Write & Retire Launch

I asked Dr. Mani a few questions about the topics surrounding the book and (as usual) he has answered them brilliantly here.

RS: First of all, please tell our audience who is an “Infopreneur” and why is it cool to be one?

An infopreneur is an entrepreneur who works with information.  Entrepreneurs assume risks in launching and running a business venture.  Infopreneurs work with data, review and distill it down into relevant and useful information, package and present it into a format that others will want to buy – and then build a business around selling this packaged information for profit.

In other words, infopreneurs create and sell information products, and through them build massive wealth by creating a sustainable, profitable business.

And that’s what makes being an infopreneur so COOL! :)

= = =

RS: “Think. Write. Retire” is a great title for a book. There are many people who can think and write but they are no way close to getting retired. What are they missing?

Many readers will glance at the title and think all they have to do is write a book, sell enough of it to earn a fortune, and retire.  And that may well happen.

But more realistically – and excitingly – my book will show readers how to take an information product they create, and make it the foundation of a plan to retire and live the life of their dreams.

It’s all a part of a process.

And in ‘Think, Write & RETIRE!’, I share that exact process which is a kind of narrative of my own experience as an infopreneur.  I’ve written many books, most published digitally as e-books, and sold them online.  The money earned from this has funded my lifestyle, seeded an investment portfolio that has now grown into solid income producing assets, and supported a deeper purpose that helps children with heart birth defects.

I’m now ‘retired’, in the sense that I no longer have to work for money.  I still work – but on my passions.  And what made that possible is the process I teach in “Think, Write & RETIRE!”

= = =

RS: Apart from Thinking and Writing, what are three things that Infopreneurs focus on to get to their goals?

1. Dreams.  Your own dreams, as an infopreneur, are what fuel the effort, time and expense you’ll invest into becoming one.  They are what make the end result worthwhile.

2. Value.  Your primary aim, as an information marketer, is to add value to the lives of your clients.  It may be as simple as making them smile or laugh.  It may be as serious as saving their life, finances or relationships.

3. Audience.  Your ultimate focus should always be on what your audience is looking for, wanting to buy, needing help with.  By delivering what they already are seeking, you simplify the process of selling, and transcend to a level of making their lives better, in one way or another.

= = =

RS: What are the typical mistakes Infopreneurs make?

1. Getting too involved in what you want or like.  It isn’t ever about yourself, the infopreneur.  It is always about ‘them’, your prospects, readers, buyers.

2. Trying too hard to get everything perfect.  ‘Perfection’ is usually an illusion.  You certainly shouldn’t put out junk or poor quality content.  But don’t over-analyze your information products to the point you waste too much time tweaking things when they are good enough already!

3. Giving up too early.  Success is often just around the corner – and you’ll find it as long as you’re willing to keep walking towards it.  Too many times, people give up just before they arrive at it.

= = =

RS: What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started your journey as an Infopreneur?

Well, I’d say two of the biggest infopreneur lessons the years have taught are:

* Picking a Niche is MOST vital

* Striving to deliver VALUE is your biggest competitive edge

In a sense, I’ve known this intuitively ever since I started out as an infopreneur in 1995.  But over the years, I’ve received so much validation that this is absolutely the best path to follow as an infopreneur.

That’s the reason I devote two full chapters in ‘Think, Write & RETIRE!’ to these two principles.  Just reading them alone will proof any infopreneur’s business against competition!

Buy the book here and help a child!

Think, Write & Retire Launch

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Are you creating the right kind of buzz?

By Rajesh Setty on Sat 15 Aug 2009, 10:06 AM – Leave Comment

My new column was published at Lateral Action this week. It is titled “Are you creating the right kind of buzz?”

The social media phenomenon has lowered the barrier to creating buzz. There are so many tools (most of them are free) out there to today that can help you with that. If you are lucky, you can create a lot of buzz with very little effort.

The real question is – “Are you creating the right kind of buzz?”

You can read the entire article below:

Lateral Action: Are you creating the right kind of buzz?”

Have a great weekend.


For a complete list of my published columns at Lateral Action, please see below:

Rajesh Setty: Writings at Lateral Action

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