Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 27 Jan 2010, 12:01 AM – 20 Comments

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We take “leaps of faith” all the time.

We don’t have a choice but to take a “leap of faith” when the data is limited to make a good assessment of the situation that leads to a rational decision [ For those smart types – not making a decision is making a decision ]

Actually, at some level the data is always insufficient for any major decision. So there is some “leap of faith” in any decision making.

Taking “leaps of faith” is so common and pervasive that sometimes you forget to notice it.

Why should you be aware of this?

Simply because you have benefited from someone taking a “leap of faith” on you (several times) until now. And, you will continue to benefit from others taking a “leap of faith” on you (several times) moving forward.

Reflecting on my own situation, I have been a beneficiary of this multiple times. Here are a few that I can share:

1. When I wrote my first book (a murder mystery) I was ten years old and shopped it like crazy for three years and got rejected more than hundred times. Everything seemed hopeless. Then, three years later when I was thirteen, two people (their names are G.Prakash and Nataraj Choudhury) took a “leap of faith” and said “Yes” to publishing the book.

2. When my first ever startup dream was shattered in 1992 and I was desperately looking for job, things seemed hopeless. I didn’t have the software background but was willing to learn. The future looked bleak. Then, someone (his name is Sridhar) too a “leap of faith” and said “Yes” to hiring me.

3. It was 1997 and Kavitha and I decided to come to United States. I had several interviews for a position in a Consulting company. The final interview was a super-technical one where I could not answer a couple of questions on setting distributed Oracle databases. The interviewer recommended that I should not be hired. So I thought it was over. But then, God had other plans. Someone (his name is Alok Khare, my Boss in two separate companies) took a “leap of faith” and hired me.

4. It was 1998 and I had never managed a large Vantive (a CRM product then, now part of Oracle) implementation before. Neither had I worked on a Vantive project until that time. We got a new project from Lincoln Telephone Company and then someone (his name is Bill Morton) took a “leap of faith” and made me lead that project. It worked out fine as we completed the project a week before the deadline.

5. More recently, in 2005, I wrote my first business book “Beyond Code.” My last book before that was published in 1987 (eighteen years ago) and I had never written anything serious in the recent past. I worked hard on the book for more than a year and I passionately believed in what I had written. I had put my heart into it. It was not easy to get to the finish line.  And then, someone (this time, one of my heroes, Tom Peters) took a “leap of faith” in me and wrote the Foreword for the book. That meant the world to me. I never had to look back after the publication of that book.

I can go on and in each and every case, if the people above had taken a rational approach and looked for “history of accomplishments” as proof, I would have lost. Instead, they decided to take a “leap of faith” and that made  a world of difference in where I am (and what I am doing) today.

These are special people and I thank them and many others who took a “leap of faith” on me.

If you think about it in your own life, you will notice that you will have a set of people who took a “leap of faith” on you. They are special people. Take time to thank them.

If I have one wish for you, it will be that you find more people that will take a “leap of faith” on you.

If I have one request for you, it will be that you take “leaps of faith” on a few people that truly deserve it.


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20 Comments so far, Add Yours

Ananth  on January 27th, 2010

Lovely post Rajesh.. Thankyou very much for it.

Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010

Very kind of you to say that Ananth. Glad you liked it.

Have a great morning.



Praveen  on January 27th, 2010

Beautiful post Rajesh :)

Wonderful to read this on a slow day. Really uplifting and Lovely



Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010

Thanks for stopping by Praveen and for your kind comments here.

The post was written over a week in bits and pieces. So any comment like this will make my day here :)



Jagan Nemani  on January 27th, 2010

Nice post Rajesh,

I think someone taking a “Leap of Faith” and giving a chance has a much profound effect on us. Specially, because we are motivated to learn and make things happen. We give in more than 100% just to make sure that we excel in this new venture.

Great post. Thanks for sharing..

Ram Dutt  on January 27th, 2010


Until now i did not particulary think of people helping people this way. It makes so much sense.

Something to think about and be thankful of where i am. Thank you for sharing.

Sharel  on January 27th, 2010

Hi Rajesh,

This is an amazing post, i think that “Leap of Faith” is what makes the world go around, but its so hard, especially for analytical people who are looking at action=result.

Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010

@Jagan, you hit the nail on the head. When someone you respect takes a chance on you, you will do whatever it takes to make something happen.

@RamDutt, So glad you liked this.

@Sharel, you are right. This is what makes the world a better place to live. This is our opportunity and a responsibility to pay it forward

Thanks to all of you.



Melinda Neely  on January 27th, 2010

The words in your newsletter were not only inspiring, but timely, too. I am finding, in taking a new life direction which aligns with my personal passions, there are some who don’t take that leap of faith. It is challenging, especially in an economic environment that doesn’t lend itself to financial risks, when those closest to me don’t don’t really believe in this new direction or reinvention. Your words have convinced me I need to seek a network of individuals who do “have the faith,” and proceed accordingly with optimism.

Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010


Being privy to the new direction you are taking, I can say once again that you have found your calling. It takes some time for people to see “proof” that you are doing the right thing.

Knowing you, I know that you won’t give up :)

It’s just a matter of time.

Talk to you soon.



Tim Bursch  on January 27th, 2010


This is so true. We do not reach goals or grow without others. There are always people behind the scenes. I like the call to have faith in others, a good reminder that it’s not about us.

Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010

Thanks for stopping by Tim and for this note.

We live in interesting times. Even a decade ago, it would have been difficult for someone to make a deep positive impact on someone else far away in the world.

Today the tools and technologies make it possible.

All it requires is that everyone of us take some “responsibility” to have a “leap of faith” on people who deserve it.



Chaitra  on January 27th, 2010


Awesome Post. You brighten my day. Thanks for taking “leap of faith” in me. I truly feel blessed.

Rajesh Setty  on January 27th, 2010

Very kind of you Chaitra.

We have just started and I am excited about this journey :)

Have a great evening.



Kathy Holzapfel  on January 28th, 2010

Another great insight, Rajesh. Today I am sending notes to some of the “leapsters” in my life. Thank you for inspiring me :-)

Rajesh Setty  on January 28th, 2010

Kathy, so glad you liked it. Have a great Thursday.



Rohit  on January 28th, 2010


Your insight is wonderful. We just don’t stop and think and be thankful to the people who’ve decided to take a leap of faith on us. Thank you for reminding me.

Have a great day,


Rajesh Setty  on January 28th, 2010

So glad you liked it Rohit.

Have a great afternoon.



Prasanna  on January 30th, 2010


the timing of this post could not be more appropriate for me. Just in time, when I am personally struggling between what I do and What I want to do, this “leap of faith” is all it takes. I am glad to have read this. May god bless you!

Rajesh Setty  on January 30th, 2010

Hi Prasanna,

Have faith and also have someone who can take a leap of faith.

Also, send me a note offline (I mean online but off the thread) with your contact details.



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