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When was the last time you were touched and moved?

Do you recall one such moment in the last few weeks?

I am sure that it was not:

* When you went to a grocery store and picked up something and the cashier gave a smile that he gives to everyone in the line.

* When you ordered a book from an online store and it was delivered on the day it was promised.

* When you went to a restaurant and the meal was good – as it was expected to be.

I can go on with examples – but if I have to summarize it in a simple fashion, this is the way I would do it:

You rarely get touched and moved by a common and expected response on something that you care about.

So, carrying forward the same logic, you generally get touched and moved by an uncommon and unexpected response on something that you care about.

With that in the background, think about the last few weeks.

Were you touched and moved by someone or something?

I hope your answer was – “Yes, a number of times.”

But the real question is this:

In the last few weeks did you do something that “touched and moved” someone?

You would have, if you did something uncommon and unexpected related to something they cared about. You would have made their day.

If you are struggling to answer that question, you got your work cut out for next week :)


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RyanD  on January 23rd, 2010

Awesome observation and advice,

I think this can be applied to when we are “on stage” and have the opportunity to go out of our way to touch someone. Startle them due to your generosity in terms of #, time, effort, input.

Also think you should look to move others more times than you are moved yourself.

Thanks Rajesh,


Rajesh Setty  on January 23rd, 2010


Thank you for your comments.

The sweet memories in life are those moments when you were moved and touched. It is the same for others. So the simple logic is – “Why not go out of the way to create those sweet memories for them?”



Steven Diamond  on January 25th, 2010

I strive everyday of my life to touch the lives of others. Simple way, great ways, any way I can. It’s the true magic of life and when you do it with out any expectation in return the rewards are priceless.

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