Guarantee please!!

Guarantee please!!

By Rajesh Setty on Thu 12 Mar 2009, 1:15 AM – 3 Comments

So many people send me new books and I am sure they hope that if I like the book, I will spread the message about the book. Sometimes I will write about it in my blog, send out a note to my newsletter subscribers, tweet about it. Sometimes I recommend this to companies that are looking for good books to buy as gifts to their employees, vendors or customers/prospects.

And sometimes I may not do anything. Not because I didn’t like the book but simply because I ran out of bandwidth or things simply fall through the cracks with all the things I am involved in.

But I try my best to do justice.

Having said that, these people took a chance and sent their books. If nothing happens, they lost their money. That’s why it’s called a chance.

There is another way of doing this. Many people send me a message asking if I would be willing to review a book. They would offer me to send a chapter and based on that I am supposed to review that book. Some are more sophisticated. They say that I can read the first three chapters and if I like the book, I can request for the book and they will send the book to me. Then I can read the book and write a review.

That’s a circuitous path to get what they want.

You can make it easy for yourself but not at the expense of the person from whom you are asking for help.

There are no guarantees in life, unfortunately!


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Dimitar Nikolov  on March 12th, 2009

Life is a challenge.

If we had a guarantee about everything, we wouldn’t live the way we do. That’s why taking the challenge to do something is the best approach to anything – from making your book popular to improving your life and being happy.

The key is to try. There’s no success guarantee. But by trying you can only win. By not trying you lose an opportunity.

I really like the way you turn a simple story into a life lesson, Raj. Keep on with the good work!

Rajesh Setty  on March 12th, 2009

Thanks Dimitar for chipping in.

Have a wonderful evening there.



tom  on March 12th, 2009

Very true, if you send out 10 resumes and everyone of the employers called back and each offered you 50K with awesome perks, what are you gonna do?

Better yet, would it even be worthwhile the effort?

However, this way, getting rejected shows you that you need to be more persuasive, use different techniques.

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