10 Ways to Get a License for Inaction

10 Ways to Get a License for Inaction

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 03 Mar 2009, 10:51 PM – 6 Comments

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Here they are:

  1. There are not many choices
  2. There are too many choices
  3. I am analyzing the risk/reward scenarios for EVERY action
  4. I am getting a second opinion (add third, fourth and fifth….)
  5. I want to be SURE…
  6. My gut says to wait (and I have been hurt when I didn’t follow my gut before…)
  7. That’s the NEXT project as soon as I finish <<write the name of your current project here>>
  8. I don’t know what <<write other person’s name here>> will feel about this…
  9. I am STILL thinking about the best course of action
  10. Last time I waited a little longer, the problem automatically (and magically) went away…

I know, I know.. there are more then 10 ways. You can add to the list in the comments section :)


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Shankar  on March 4th, 2009


1. I think this has to be done by someone DOWN the hierarchy.

2. I think this has to be done by someone WAY UP the hierarchy.

3. I need to sleep on this…(and eventually sleep it off !!! :) .)

4. The more time I spend on this the better it becomes.

5. I have to finish this in a single continuous stretch…I don’t have that amount of time now.

6. Let me wait till the last minute … I work best under pressure :)

Rajesh Setty  on March 4th, 2009


Very nice additions :)

Thanks for the contribution.



Dimitar Nikolov  on March 5th, 2009

Great article, Raj!

Doing things when they have to be done is an important skill that few possess. Even people as David Allen who’ve written great books on productivity advise you to spend too much time on planning and less time on doing.

If you ask me, starting to do something is the easy part. But the difficult one is to choose whether to finish or quit.

When I hesitate or try to put things off, I ask myself: “Is it important or not? Will it have a significant impact on my future?” I only then am able to understand the significance of a task and finish it successfully. If I don’t – I quit, because it’s just not important.

The key here is to stay concentrated and know what to quit, in order to finish something else. Freelancers especially practice this piece of advice.

Rajesh Setty  on March 5th, 2009


Good points there. Thank you for the contribution.

Have a great Thursday.



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Xanindia  on March 7th, 2009

If only excuses can jail a person, we will have a very congested jails LOL. Excuses here, excuses there, excuses everywhere. These can’t be eliminated unless a proper “sanction” is waiting.(joke joke joke)

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