25 Tips to Selling in a Recession

25 Tips to Selling in a Recession

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 30 Nov 2008, 10:53 AM – 3 Comments

I have always believed that everyone is always selling – whether they are in the profession of sales or not. So the topic of sales has always been fascinating to me. Everyone is selling but not everyone knows that they are selling – especially those that are selling their ideas or selling themselves. The times we are facing now makes it mandatory for everyone to learn to sell. My long-time friend Paul D’Souza has a series of blog posts on the topic of selling in a recession. The topic is timely and I am sure you will find several things interesting in the list.

Here is the complete list:

#1 – On Purpose – Be clear about what you want to accomplish

#2 – Make a Commitment to Win

#3 – Manage your mood

#4 – Reach Beyond Yourself

#5 – Recruit your personal team

#6 – Know Your Personal Numbers

#7 – Know Your Business Numbers

#8 – Know your market numbers & trends

#9 – Know your pricing models and negotiation tactics

#10 – Taste your profit

#11 – Re-define your Markets … solve “Problems”

#12 – Re-design your offer to the market place

#13 – Qualify fast

#14 – Make powerful offers

#15 – Sell something of Value … always

#16 – Know your customers … the people

#17 – Move powerfully with teams

#18 – Politic all the way

#19 – Follow through with everyone

#20 – Ask for referrals

#21 – Be The Expert

#22 – Be nimble and react powerfully

#23 – Empower others to win … everywhere

#24 – Be proactive in your Customer’s World

#25 – Say Thank You often

Have a great week ahead!


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Venkk Sastry  on December 1st, 2008

Hi Raj

This list is great. Thanks for sharing this.

Have a wonderful week ahead,



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