Making a “memorable” statement

Making a “memorable” statement

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 07 Sep 2008, 9:51 PM – 2 Comments

You can say something


You can say something in a way that is memorable

Obviously when you are making an important statement, the second option is preferable. However, wanting to make a memorable statement alone won’t be sufficient to make a memorable statement. For one, it requires you to PREPARE.

Raj Raheja from Heartwood Studios pointed me to a video from the recently concluded NVision conference where the organizers made a “memorable” statement about the difference between a CPU (Central Processing Unit) and a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit)

Watch this video (it’s only about 2 minutes) and you will see..

Have a great week ahead!


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Raj  on September 12th, 2008

Hi Rajesh,

A small variation of the same starter line:

you can say something

or you can SHOW sommething. ‘Show, Not tell’!

Javier Rincon  on September 14th, 2008

These are the myth busters right!! I get to see their program in the UK. Great guys with creative minds. Love it!

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