How do I become better at blogging?

How do I become better at blogging?

By Rajesh Setty on Fri 21 Mar 2008, 6:52 AM – 1 Comment

One common question that I get asked is

How do I become better at blogging?

My answer is typically the following. Please change the question to the following and that in itself will provide the answer. So the reframed question is:

How do I become better?

The first question is not a bad one but it focuses on tactics. Even the best tactics will only work in the short-term because once employed, other smart people can observe them and incorporate them in their own work – eliminating your competitive advantage (if any).

The second question focuses on building your identity in the long-term. Someone cannot mimic or copy your identity in a heart-beat. They can copy a tactic but not an identity.

So the question again:

How do I become better?

Answer this sincerely and the blogging question will take care of itself.

If you really need some tactics though, they are available on the Internet (for Free). Here is a quick collection of them:

Blogging Starter Checklist


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