Pick Me Up – 24 hour book project

Pick Me Up – 24 hour book project

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 13 Jan 2008, 9:25 PM – 1 Comment

Jourdon Soh from Pick Me Up sent a note about their project – creating a book in 24 hours flat. While I haven’t read the book to endorse it, I was fascinated by the project.

42 people getting together to create a book – from start to finish – in 24 hours.

From what I understood, they were all students of “The Courage To Create” coaching program run by Kelvin Lim Kian Meng (founder of Executive Coach International). Kelvin challenged them to create a book in 24 hours or not do it at all. These students rose to the challenge and the book was created.

I wish them the very best.

I know that irrespective of whatever happens to the book, something “cool” has happened to each one of them on the project – and that’s what matters!

The link to the book website: Pick Me Up Book


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