Reverse Offshoring and “The Tortoise and the Hare” story

Reverse Offshoring and “The Tortoise and the Hare” story

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 08 Jul 2007, 6:09 AM – 3 Comments

Yes, both of the above have one thing in common – drawing conclusions based on flawed data sets.

Wall Street Journal and Financial Times carried stories about the new trend – reverse offshoring!!!

Bangalore wages spur ‘reverse offshoring’

was the title of the article in FT on July 2, 2007. The grounding for the conclusion is that a small company moved 20 engineers from Bangalore to Silicon Valley. Well, that was an exception. Such things happen all the time but the difference here is the brilliance of the PR team of the small company. They used an event like this to generate massive publicity and drew attention to the company in general. Hats off!

I was in India recently and met the CEOs of several companies of various sizes. One thing was clear and common – every company I met there was on a hiring spree. Talent shortage and retention were the biggest problems discussed there.

My $.02: Reverse Offshoring is happening for sure – but not at the scale that these publications want us to believe.

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Anonymous  on July 9th, 2007

Well it seems that media and PR still DO have some power. And as G.I.JOE comic character Duke used to say: “And now we know, and knowing is half the battle” – even though of a cartoon it does make sense.

Anonymous  on July 23rd, 2007

I couldn’t agree more with you Rajesh. It is all about “the brilliance of the PR team of the small company.” Hats off to them for that.

And what about the WSJ reporters who picked on the story from bloggers…. and weaved a narrative? Well, they need to make a living weaving stories, right?

Saugata Sengupta  on June 11th, 2008

There has been so much talk about reverse offshoring and reversal of hiring – that I decided to pen down a whitepaper on the subject. As my research went forward – my thoughts about it being a real trend went backwards…

I would like to present the interesting findings of the paper to all of you…

Please download the paper at:

The subject of the paper is Reverse Offshoring: Trend or Strategy

Note from Rajesh: Unfortunately, accessing the paper requires registration. Click through if you are willing to register to access the paper.

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