DHL and the art of information design

DHL and the art of information design

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 04 Jul 2007, 12:07 AM – 1 Comment

I came back from a trip to India yesterday and there was a DHL notice on my door. Here is the copy of the notice (Waybill# has been erased)

While the notice is cute, it does not provide the information that I want

1. They don’t tell me on what date they tried to deliver the package :(

2. They don’t tell me from whom is this shipment.

3. They provide a number to call. They don’t tell me that they will only answer calls until 8pm EST. I have to figure that out by calling that number

4. They want me to pick up the package but they don’t tell me where is their office :(

For me, DHL notice is like a suspense novel with the last chapter stolen :)


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Anonymous  on July 6th, 2007

Interesting … I just read another blog post saying that he received a magnificent direct mail but there is no contact number for him to order the product. Seems like some folks forgotten the basics of marketing. Bad customer relationship management like your case can cause DHL a customer.

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