Playing chess with the marketplace?

Playing chess with the marketplace?

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 19 Jun 2007, 11:40 PM – 1 Comment

A business person, I think, is like a chess player. The opponent is the marketplace. That may explain why most business plans change a number of times once you put them into action.

In a chess game you make a move and wait for the opponent to make another move. If you are a good chess player, you can predict what moves your opponent will make and may be (in some cases) force an opponent to make a certain move. If your opponent is good chess player, it is impossible for you to predict your opponent’s every move. So, you have to re-think your every move based on your opponent’s move.

Business works in a similar fashion. Just remember that you are playing with an opponent who is a superstar in chess. The reason – The marketplace is always right!

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Anonymous  on June 21st, 2007

The analogy with chess can go further. Experienced players create a strategy for their game and they realize the opponent does the same. This strategy should involve a consideration of the opponent (for instance, if the opponent fares well in closed, positional games, open things up), consideration of self (do I fare well in an open game), consideration of current accepted practices (what does current theory say about the line I’m about to play), as well as knowledge beyond current practices (I know an exception to the line that hasn’t been considered). While executing the strategy, changes may have to be made from time to time based on how the opponent is executing. Also, tactical shots may result from immediate opportunities (did my opponent just blunder the knight?) that can cause great shifts in strategy.

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