Compassites is M.A.D. – Video on employee social responsibility

Compassites is M.A.D. – Video on employee social responsibility

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 23 Jan 2007, 1:12 AM – 4 Comments

Disclaimer: I am one of the Board Members of Compassites. However, I am not writing this post in that capacity.

I am thinking that Compassites is M.A.D. (Making a Difference) not only in terms of building cool software products (two of my new startups have their products developed through them) but more importantly via their employee social responsibility program

Last Saturday (20th January 2007) Compassites celebrated its one year anniversary and it was a special day. Among all the activities on that day, what touched my heart was a short video that was created by Vivekananda Sahoo (one of Compassites’ Brand Ambassador) on their employee social responsibility program called COACH (Compassites on a Cause for Help)

Rather than writing about it in detail, I asked Vivek to post the video on YouTube. Here is the video for your quick reference.

Compassites COACH: Heal the World


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Anonymous  on January 23rd, 2007

This video is very touching!

Your COACH is a very nice program and i hope that more companies will take your examples.


Anonymous  on January 23rd, 2007

Thanks Nabil,

When this video was shown on the big screen, there were a number of people in the audience who had tears in their eyes.

Sometimes we complain about small things in our life and forget to count our blessings. And, since we are so pre-occupied with our mess, we forget that we have to take some responsibility to care for the lesser fortunate people.

What I like most about this is that it is not a “corporate social responsibility” program but an “employee social responsibility” program. All the fund raising happens through employees and the execution every quarter happens through employees. Their work (building software products) feeds the mind and the COACH program feeds the heart.

Thanks again.



Anonymous  on January 26th, 2007

A very touching gesture Rajesh. I did have tears in my eyes.

But I have been associated with some Orphanages, and it would surprise you to know that in some cases, if you want to sponsor a Lunch or Dinner for a day, You have a waiting period of Three months!!!!!

This set me thinking. Is our so called social responsibility fulfilled by making the children happy(?) for a day by visiting them, Making them Sing for us and dance for us ( and ofcourse having pictures taken). And what do this children sing and dance to? Some local movie songs with Raunchy lyrics?

What do these children gain? ( other than our tears!!)

They go back to their orphanages/ homes and watch some raunchy song and go to sleep.

I have come to believe that instead of spending on giving these children some moments of happiness( as percieved by us!), would it not be much more constructive to identify the most promising among them and sponsor their studies, say, for an year?… but then, where would we get all those pictures with software engineers making a difference?

That is just a thought, maybe we can find a better way to fulfil our social responsibilities

Anonymous  on January 26th, 2007

Hello there.

Thank you for your comments.

I agree that there are many different ways of fulfilling your social responsibility. There are people who are totally ignorant and there are people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet whose contributions can’t be matched by the efforts of several nations combined. We, on our part can watch and complain or take some action. For me, action is important. In my travels, I see so many people talking big things but not taking ANY action. Intentions hardly matter. Action matters big time.

The video is only a small part of what happens here. It seems like you are involved in a lot bigger things of corporate social responsibility. If that is true, hat’s off to you and wish you the very best in your endeavors.



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