Audio: Making the most of your time – Part 1

Audio: Making the most of your time – Part 1

By Rajesh Setty on Sat 06 Jan 2007, 10:10 PM – 6 Comments

For those of you who missed it, here is the recording from the radio interview on Jan 3, 2007 at KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM. Thanks to Sri at It’s Diff Show for making this available.

Here is the first part (19 minutes)

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For a cliff notes version of what was covered in the program, please read
Making the most of your time: 500-word manifesto (Inspired by Hugh MacLeod)


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Anonymous  on January 7th, 2007

The link to the 500 word text has an extra http// at the front, causing it to fail/

Anonymous  on January 7th, 2007

Oops..sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for pointing this out Doug. I have fixed that problem now.

Have a great year ahead!



Anonymous  on January 8th, 2007

Hi Rajesh,

The fact that you are sharing your view, interviews in the form of podcasts is really helpful and insightful. It’s as good as I am listening to you over the phone and I am sure it will be so much useful to all the readers of your blog interested in your thoughts.

Even the chapter overviews are really quick enough to be impressive for people who want to check out your book – Beyond Code.

Thanks you very much and I would love to see more podcasts from you.



Anonymous  on January 8th, 2007

Hi Vinayak,

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you liked the podcast. Lot of credit goes to Sri at “It’s Diff” who choreographed the show.



Anonymous  on May 11th, 2007

I could not hear the podcast. If i click on play the icon changes to pause and click on pause changes to play. But no sound coming. I hear other podcast from other sites fine.

Any idea please? thanks

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