Gift ideas for connectors in your life

Gift ideas for connectors in your life

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 20 Dec 2006, 7:34 AM – 3 Comments


Ian Ybarra from Ferrazzi Greenlight

asked me a few days ago to send some gift ideas for connectors for an

article that he was working with. Being a writer, I couldn’t write a

paragraph :( but I wrote an article instead. Here is the complete

article. The key parts of this have been incorporated in Ian’s article

at NeverEatAlone Blog.

Here is the bonus: Ian tells me that they are giving away gifts for

folks that suggest some more gift ideas for connectors. Isn’t that cool

– you suggest a gift idea and you get a gift :) Here is the link to

Ian’s article:

Never Eat Alone: Great Gifts for Connectors

Here is my article:

It started a few years ago when I met with Tim Sanders for casual lunch at the Yahoo!

Campus. We talked several things over lunch but the one big take away

for me was the power of joy associated with connecting people. Over the

years, I have learnt a lot from Tim on the same topic. Keith,

of course, has not only mastered the art of connecting, he has also

mastered the art of teaching others how to become connectors. So, many

thanks to both Tim and Keith for what they have done to the world of

networking.  I am connecting, learning to connect more and enjoying

every minute of it.

Over the years, I have connected with many connectors from different

parts of the world and all of them have demonstrated the following

characters time and again

• They are extremely bright

• They want to give first

• They are busy people

• They don’t have hidden agenda (they simply don’t have time to craft schemes in the background)

So when I was thinking about good gifts for connectors, I had to come

up with something that would be relevant to these people. Here is what

I came up with. Notice that some of them won’t even cost you any money.

1. Gifts to save them time

While the connectors are busy people,

they still need to keep up with what’s happening in the world. And,

they have to do it with very little time. Here are some gifts that

might save them time

• 1 Year Subscription to has supposedly the largest collection of audio books

• 1 Year Subscription to SoundView Executive Book Summaries: As the name suggests, they compile book summaries of some of the best business books out there.

Dragon Naturally Speaking 9 Standard: Helps them to create documents by speaking instead of typing.

2. Gifts to save them (some) money

Connectors give a lot. Some of these gifts will take away the costs associated for the tools they used to make this world better

• 1 Year Subscription to MyBlogLog Pro: MyBlogLog is to blog what real time stock quotes are to the stock market.

• 1 year Subscription to cover their blog hosting

• 1 Year Subscription to host their podcasts

• 1 Year Subscription for LinkedIn Business Account: They are connectors so help them become better at it.

3. Help them to organize themselves

If the connectors have all the

information they need in an organized fashion, they can connect some

more people.  Here are some tools to help them organize themselves


• Buy them a copy of MindManager: MindManager is a great tool for mindmapping.

• 1 Year Subscription to Backpackit: They can store all the documents they need as they travel the world and access them online.

• Buy a copy of SoundForge Studio from Sony: Helps them to record their Podcasts.

4. Help them extend their reach

Everyone needs help. Even the best connectors need help. Here are some simple ways you can help them to extend their reach:

• Connect them to other connectors

• Connect them to other cool people

• Send a link to their blog to hundred of your friends for whom it may be relevant

• Link to their blog or to their website or to their book

• Buy 25 of their books and distribute to friends for whom the book may be relevant.

If I have to summarize in one thing – give a gift that shows that you care for things that they care about.

Happy gift giving!


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Anonymous  on December 21st, 2006

I have found NovaMind ( ) to be a much better Mind Mapping application. I use it daily for everything from planning to brainstorming to presentations.

Anonymous  on December 21st, 2006

I usually don’t keep Anonymous recommendations from the site. Last time when I had such recommendations, I got a lot of emails stating that it is one of the company employees posting anonymously. It may be or it may not be. But that’s what people think. Perceptions matter. So if you really want to help NovaMind, let us know who you are. I am sure NovaMind will be happy to learn about their evangelists.



JACQUELINE E THURSTON  on July 4th, 2009

Selecting one gift for dear ones is very tough for me. i always get confused. Thanks for sharing your last minute gift ideas. i like gift certificate gift ideas.

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