CIOUpdate Column: 10 good reasons to have a mentor

CIOUpdate Column: 10 good reasons to have a mentor

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 27 Nov 2006, 2:48 PM – 2 Comments

My column on CIOUpdate has been published today. This is a topic close to my heart. For long-time readers of my blog, you know that I am big on mentors. I have three mentors and I am fortunate to have them in my life. I mentor a bunch of VERY bright young people and it is a blessing to watch them grow.

If you have not considered having a mentor in your life, you are missing something BIG. Here are ten reasons why you should consider having a mentoring relationship in the new year.

CIOUpdate: 10 good reasons to have a mentor

Enjoy your week ahead!


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Anonymous  on December 1st, 2006

You have me sold, Raj. Now all I need to do is find one.


Anonymous  on December 7th, 2006

Mentors are all well and good – what criteria do you use to find a good one???

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