New Year Resolutions very soon…

New Year Resolutions very soon…

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 18 Oct 2006, 2:46 PM – 1 Comment

Very soon, a time will come when many of you will start looking for “good” resolutions to make for the upcoming year. Two things. For those that will decide to come up with your resolutions, here is a list that I had put together last year. This should provide a good start

Blast from the past: New Year Resolution Generator

For those of you who decide not to pursue the goal approach, you can visit my friend Stephen Shapiro’s blog “Goal Fee Living” and enjoy.

Link: Goal Free Living.

Whatever path you choose, be on the playground and not on the sidelines – you will never have another 2007 in your life :)


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Anonymous  on October 19th, 2006

Wow. I loved reading your NYR generator you posted last year. It felt like I wanted to do so many new things from that list, and some already implemented.

Thanks for making me read it. :)

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