Blast from the past – Entrepreneur Pack

Blast from the past – Entrepreneur Pack

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 11 Oct 2006, 9:48 PM – 1 Comment

For the benefit of new readers, I have compiled a set of articles that

I have written in the past (published on this blog) on the topic of

entrepreneurship. Here they are:

1. First time entrepreneur questions – A Baker’s dozen – Dec 24, 2005

Like many things in life, you only get to be a “first time”

entrepreneur once. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, please try to

answer these questions for yourself.

2. 10 better questions for aspiring entrepreneurs  – Sep 23, 2006

These questions are from the field. These are questions that aspiring

entrepreneurs are asking. Rather than answering their questions, I have

taken a shot at refining them. Like I have said before, one good

question can change the way you think and live the rest of your life.

3. Help – someone stole my idea! – Aug 22, 2006

Ideas are great but they are not everything. Can you EXECUTE on them is the real question.

4. Ways to distinguish yourself – #111 Don’t look to get drowned in positive feedback – Mar 15, 2006

This is a common trap for many entrepreneurs that are starting out. Please take care to not get sucked into it.

5. Ways to distinguish yourself – #15 Embrace uncertainty with ease – Mar 29, 2005

There are no guarantees in life – especially true in the lives of

entrepreneurs. Why not welcome uncertainty and be comfortable with it?

6. Are you an entrepeneur? – May 19, 2005

Tom Evslin has some sage advice here. Don’t miss this one.

7. 10 Questions to ask yourself when you are small – Nov 29, 2005

One of the key problems startups have is “lack of resources” – meaning

they have to get more done with less. Here are ten questions to ask

yourself when you are a small company.

8. Ways to distinguish yourself – #77 Treat your competition with respect – Dec 12, 2005

Competition is good. For one, it validates the market.

9. More on assumptions – The Sunflower Model – Mar 13, 2005

Rob Ryan (of Ascend Communications fame) has some great insights on assumptions

10. Ways to distinguish yourself #151 – Enroll people to provide progressive feedback – Jul 7, 2006

Feedback is good. Progressive feedback is even better.

11. Ways to distinguish yourself #143 – Surround yourself with thought amplifiers – Jun 22, 2006

Are you surrounded by people that will amplify your thoughts?

12. 9 Reasons for Reading Business Books – Jun 12, 2006

All leaders are readers. If that is not a big enough motivation, here are 9 reasons to read business books

13. Ways to distingish yourself – #47 Simplify

Isn’t this what most entrepeneurs aim to do – simplify something for people or businesses?


10 ideas to get new ideas

Ideas are not usually a problem for entrepreneurs (they have plenty of them) – anyways you might find one or two things interesting in my list.

Bonus – I am sure you already know about these sites but here they are anyway (in no particular order – I love them all)

* Guy Kawasaki University (also known as Signal to Noise)

  All entrepreneurs should bookmark this without fail – especially ones that are running technology businesses

* Brad Feld

  Free education and insights on the VC world. Especially the articles on Entrepreneurship and Board matters.

* Seth Godin

  For a ton of insights on marketing and just pure thought stimulation

* Carson McNomas (also known as

  Always a great resource for cool new applications and services

* Lifehacker

  Almost needs no introduction. Entrepreneur or otherwise, you got to bookmark this one.

* Harry Beckwith

  Unfortunately Harry has not started a blog yet – I hope he does. For now, we have to just live with his books and newsletter.


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Anonymous  on October 16th, 2006

Hi Rajesh,

This pack is so precious to the wanna-be entrepreneurs.

How about a ‘Software engineers pack’ as well? I am sure you would have a bunch of ‘em to summarize and share with us.


Best regards,


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