Lesson from a recently concluded Cricket match

Lesson from a recently concluded Cricket match

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 20 Sep 2006, 10:30 PM – 1 Comment

Being originally from India, I had to talk someday about Cricket. It is almost my duty :)

Just kidding – I am using something from cricket to make a point.

This was a comment made about a player in the recently concluded match in Kuala Lumpur

“If he scores runs, it is attractive, a sight to

behold. I want my players to learn from a guy like that, he’s an exceptional talent.”

“Seeing him bat, there’s not much you can do sometimes. He is such a

perfect batsman that on occasions, you see guys struggle and he does

not. I’m happy that he has come back and is scoring runs because such a

great player needs to come to the fore.”

What was interesting was that this comment was made by Brian Lara (Captain of the West Indies team) on Sachin Tendulkar (star player from India)

When was the last time you showed this kind of respect to someone from your competition?

Hats off to Lara! There is a lesson for the rest of us there.

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Anonymous  on September 22nd, 2006


Neat example of Brian Lara, himself is a batting superstar, stating words of respect for Sachin Tendulkar.

Another repeated instance of disrespect for the competition is when a competitor makes unfavorable public remarks. In such circumstances, it is tempting to confront and bad-mouth the competition. As I explained in my blog article, often, blowing out the competition’s candle to make one’s shine brighter can backfire. I gave an example from the ultra-competitive airline industry.



-nagesh (http://www.RightAttitudes.com/)

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