Things that make me smile #17 – Kid Talk

Things that make me smile #17 – Kid Talk

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 21 Aug 2006, 8:44 AM – 2 Comments

Kids at any age are fun. Their thinking is not contaminated. Here are a couple of recent incidents that I remember:

#1 Sumukh (my seven year old son) picked up the phone one day. It was his aunt on the phone and I think she asked him what he was doing. Sumukh’s reply was “Talking.” and the next question must have been “With whom?” and quick came Sumukh’s reply “With you.”

#2 My friend Terry (founder of PSVillage) talked about a similar incident. Terry called her sister one day and her five-year old niece picked up the phone. After announcing who she was, her niece asked “Who is speaking?” Terry wanted to have some fun and said “Who do you think this is?” and after a brief silence, her niece responded “Wow. That’s a very long name”

Enjoy your week ahead!


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Anonymous  on August 25th, 2006

My story

Arguing with a 8 year old about not doing something and losing I fired my last shot to her “Why not?”. I emphatically said, “Because!”. With dropping a beat she hit me back with, “Of what?”. I fled.

Anonymous  on August 28th, 2006

My wife was driving back home with our 2.9 yr old son, Jacob, sitting in the back seat. When waiting at a traffic intersection, a car pulls up in the adjacent lane.

Jacob looks at the car and tells his mom…”Look ma…that is a Lexus”. (BTW, he was absolutely right!). My wife starts to look around in different directions trying to look at the car Jacob is referring to. Observing this, Jacob exclaims..

“Mom, wear your glasses!”.

Note: My wife usually wears sunglasses while driving. On this occasion, she wasn’t. Jacob notes this and thinks that she can’t see the car because she’s not wearing her sun glasses.

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