Mini Saga #7 – The deal

Mini Saga #7 – The deal

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 28 May 2006, 6:00 AM – 2 Comments

The deal

The sales team in a startup was jazzed after a great customer presentation. The startup VC had a prior relationship with the customer. He called the customer and asked if he would buy the system from them. The customer politely responded “No way. The meeting was only for market research”


1. A mini saga is a story told in exactly 50 words. Not 49 or 51 but exactly 50.

2. You can download a photographic manifesto of Mini Sagas at ChangeThis. Here is the link – Mini Sagas: Bite-sized Wisdom for Life and Business (PDF, 2.9MB).

3. For a complete list of Mini Sagas, please visit the Squidoo lens “Mini Sagas


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jena  on October 29th, 2007

i dont get this

Rajesh Setty  on October 29th, 2007


Many times companies go out of their way to please a prospect without knowing that all the prospect is doing is getting educated about what is in the marketplace. They don’t have an intention to buy.

Good companies can notice and observe this.

My intention was to bring this out in 50 words.



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