Beyond Code (India Edition) available for pre-order now!

Beyond Code (India Edition) available for pre-order now!

By Rajesh Setty on Thu 04 May 2006, 11:12 PM – 4 Comments

My publisher in India – Vikas Publishing House just announced that the India edition of Beyond Code is now available for pre-order.

Many of you from India wanted to be notified when the India edition came out. I will respond to all of you by email but that will take me a while. Hence this post.

Here is the link to pre-order a copy

Beyond Code: Learn to distinguish yourself in 9 simple steps
(Foreword by Tom Peters)
Paperback India Edition

More details about the book at Vikas Publishing House


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Anonymous  on July 9th, 2006


The link you have given to buy the book from gobookshopping does not work. The correct URL is:

Kindly update the URL so that it would be helpful to others who come across this entry.


Anonymous  on September 18th, 2006


Feel bad when trying to order from these publishers(retailers). Gobookshopping is charging Rs. 110/- as shipping in India ..that’s too high.

The Other one is charging Rs. 239 for Rs. 150/- book !!

I would need to find some book shop to get this now !!

any way thanks for your blog & its very useful.



Anonymous  on September 18th, 2006

Sorry about that Sandeep. I know that there are a lot of bookstores that carry the book in Bangalore. If you have trouble, send me a note to my email address and I will get folks at Bangalore to send more information.



Anonymous  on October 15th, 2006


It is true that we would be able to save a bit if dont shop online…. that too no creditcard payment facility in gobookshopping.

I was hunting Chennai bookstores to buy this book. Unfortunately, it was available nowhere… not even in Higginbothams (out of stock). I looked for it in the shops mentioned in Vikas’ website. I had to admit that I missed THB distributors.

Went to their stock house directly two days before and bought it for Rs. 150… nothing more.

In case you have not still managed to get it, I am willing to buy and courier this book to you (or anyone who needs help)… of course if you are willing to cover the cost price and the courier charge. ;-)

I must admit the book is well worth the effort.

(I hope Rajesh Setty does not include typing such a lengthy comment as one of the items in the Not-To-Do’s in A Blog list). :-)


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