Taking care of the transmission?

Taking care of the transmission?

By Rajesh Setty on Sat 08 Apr 2006, 12:07 AM – Leave Comment

I got this in my email box. I thought this was from an ISP but after reading all the acronyms (most of which I didn’t understand) I did not understand what this company was famous for. It also contained a link of the company’s Network Maps (??)


I can also provide you any quotes that you may be looking for.

Some of the solutions/services we provide are:
Voice (Local PRI T1’s, Multi-Market PRI’s, Basic Phone Lines, Long Distance), Integrated Access Voice & Data T1’s, Toll Free IVR, Dedicated Internet Access (DSL, T1, T3 to OCx), VoIP, Point- to-Point Private Lines, Point-to-Multi-Point Private Lines – with DS3 Hubbing, MPLS, Collocation & Web Hosting, IP VPN, Conferencing, Local Access, Metro Fiber and Metro Ethernet, Intercity Ethernet, Type 1 and Type 2 Ethernet Solutions, and most other Wide Area or Metro Area Data Networking Solutions.

If you would like a specific price quote or detailed proposal, or you would like to arrange a meeting in person, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, either by phone or by email

Additionally, I am including a link to our Network Maps.
<Link to Network Maps>


I am from a technology world and most of what was written went over my head. God save the decision makers who are from a non-technology world receiving this email. It will be a total waste of time for them.

While we can laugh at this, I am sure each one of us has sent one or two emails without thinking a lot about the recipient of that email. Communication is a two-way street. Transmission and reception are two key components (the third one is the “medium”.) While you can’t control the reception at least we can take care of the “transmission?”

Have a great weekend all of you.


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