Help – Getting it and giving it!

Help – Getting it and giving it!

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 14 Feb 2006, 12:57 PM – Leave Comment

I want you to consider two scenarios. In both the following scenarios John is the CEO of a successful software company.

Scenario #1

Fred, an old friend of John calls up John out of the blue. Fred has a compelling offer for John to consider. Jack, one of Fred’s friends has suddenly become available. From what Fred knows of John’s company, Fred thinks that Jack will be a great asset for this company. Fred says “John, We know each other for a long time and I understand your business. I want to help you in anway I can. So, when Jack became available, the very first company that came to my mind was yours. I am confident that you and Jack will get along famously”

Scneario #2

Ron is an old friend of John and they both have not spoken to each other for years. Ron comes across an article about John’s company in one of the industry journals. He is fascinated by what John has achieved so far. Ron calls up John and says that he would be happy to be associated with John’s company. With the technology skills and industry experience that Ron feels that he has a lot to offer John’s company and he wants to help John in anyway he can.

In both scenarios, it is very clear that Ron and Fred are looking for help from John. While both are offering to help John, in reality (90% of the cases) they want John’s help. Trying to behave as if John can’t get this is to almost underestimate the intelligence of John. It won’t do any good.

If you are Ron or Fred, please note that:

a) John is smart and he can figure this out (very) easily.
b) Have the humility to ask for help when you need it.
c) Asking for help is easier than you think
d) When you ask for help, please remember to ensure that WIIFT > WIIFM
e) Let there never be a confusion about when you are giving help and when you are getting help.


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