Ways to distinguish yourself #105 Be entitled for nothing

Ways to distinguish yourself #105 Be entitled for nothing

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 12 Feb 2006, 7:21 AM – 3 Comments

Entitlement is a scary concept. If not used appropriately, it can be a

cause of inaction. Entitlement is always lurking in the back of the

minds of average people. A few examples:

1. Because I am employee, I am entitled to have the privilege of…

2. Because I completed an year of employment, I am entitled to a raise of a minimum of ..

3. Because I completed three years in this current role, I am entitled to be promoted to..

4. Because I am traveling on business, I am entitled to spend money on…

and the list will go on.

In reality, there is no entitlement. You have to earn everything. You

add value and the world will add value back into your life. You add no

value and you get back no value. When the economy is good and the

talent is scarce, you can get away with a few things and you can demand

entitlement. The moment things change (and they will) people with

entitlement mentalities are considered as “high maintenance” employees.

Imagine a scenario where you are entitled for nothing. You are supposed

to earn everything. The moment you take that stand, you are more alert

and more responsible for your own life and results. You are not

expecting or looking for free lunch. Your focus will be to add

phenomenal value to all parties involved. In return, you will get back

the right value for your efforts or you will move on. Entitlement is

replaced by a healthy value exchange.


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Anonymous  on February 13th, 2006


Your “Be entitle for nothing” is very good; I fall into this category very often. As an employee in a large organization, I build expectations very easy. Salary reviews, performance appraisals, bonuses and so on. Nothing should be taken for granted.

Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous  on February 13th, 2006


Thank you and you are most welcome. Have a great week ahead.



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