One way to kill creativity..

One way to kill creativity..

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 07 Feb 2006, 9:39 PM – 1 Comment

Everytime someone includes the word “ONLY” in a conversation, a red bulb lights up in my head. Here are a few examples

1. The only way to grow this business is..
2. The only way to retain people is..
3. The only way to make money is..
4. The only problem we need to address is..
and many more

Do you observe that the moment you use the word ONLY, there is a tendency of the mind to stop thinking about other options. Whatever you say after the word ONLY is almost unquestionable and is considered as “truth.”

Use more and more of this word in your daily conversations and you can put creativity to death slowly. Anyways, why would you need creativity if there are no options to invent or design? Easy way is to catch yourself when you are tempted to use the word “ONLY” in your daily conversations. When someone else uses the word, check for underlying assumptions in the statements they make.

Summary: There is never an “ONLY” way to do something. Be creative!


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