Clicking is not everything

Clicking is not everything

By Rajesh Setty on Thu 19 Jan 2006, 11:31 AM – Leave Comment

Some spammers think and are intelligent people. They write interesting subject lines that may make you click on that particular email message. Some of the recent headlines were:

a. Confirmed for the friday event; Look forward to meeting with you

b. Re: Press release last week

c. Thank you; Will connect back next week as discussed

d. Your voicemail; Please note my updated contact information

When you click on the message, of course, it does not take more than a second to realize that you have been spammed (again!)

One thing that these intelligent people have not realized is that clicking is not everything. By making me click on that message, you have done the following:

1. You wasted my time. There are only 24 hours

2. Brought down the credibility of the company. If they have to resort to spam, they must be desperate.

3. Made me remember the name of the company and ensure that I won’t buy anything else from the company

What good is it for the spammers and the companies that are partnering with them?


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