Ways to distinguish yourself – #92 Watch with whom you spend most of your time

Ways to distinguish yourself – #92 Watch with whom you spend most of your time

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 15 Jan 2006, 9:32 AM – Leave Comment

I had the good fortune of meeting with Dr.Tom Hill of Eagle Institute recently. Quick background on Tom: Tom is 70 years old and was in the academic field until he was 50 years old. At age 50, Tom started a business career selling Re/Max franchises. In the next ten years built businesses that together transacted $3 Billion worth of business.

Tom spoke to our group on several things but one concept was really fascinating. Tom asked us to list ten people (apart from our family members) with whom we spend most of our time. Tom’s point was that you will be “average” of these ten people in several respects. This short article builds on that topic.

Who you spend most of your time with will influence a lot of who you are in life and where you are going. Here is a simple reason for that:

1. Thoughts precede action

2. Your general thoughts are largely influenced by your dominant conversations

3. Your general conversations are with yourself or people who are around you

4. People who you spend a lot of time with you will have a large influence on what those conversations will be.

So, in essence, people with whom you spend most of your time will largely influence your destiny. Who are those people in your life today? Who should you add to this list?

I am in no way suggesting that you should not have friends with whom you have a lot of fun. The wisdom is in determining how much fun you will have NOW in your life and how much you will reserve for the future :)


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