The Weasel Poop Coffee Story

The Weasel Poop Coffee Story

By Rajesh Setty on Fri 30 Dec 2005, 3:25 PM – Leave Comment

I am reading a fascinating book called “The Dream Society” by Rolf Jensen. Jensen argues that the new society will be increasingly influenced by stories. In fact he says that we will move from an information society to a dream society.

When I met with my friend Patrick Mahaffey (from Logistech Global Solutions) this morning,  we discussed this concept a bit. Patrick agreed with the author’s assessment and also offered to support it with a recent story going around. The story is about a particular type of coffee called “Weasel Poop Coffee

Yes, you read it right, it is called “Weasel Poop Coffee.”

The origins of Weasel Poop Coffee is supposed to be from Sumatra, Indonesia. I believe there is a Weasel kind of animal there who is an expert on finding the best of coffee beans. The weasel eats these coffee beans, digests just the outer shell and poops the remaining in the form of threads. The farmers there pick it up (and clean it, of course) and ground it into coffee powder. That’s “Weasel Poop Coffee” for you.

This was sold for $40 per pound a few months ago and once the story hit the media, the price of this coffee started going up. Patrick says that the last he heard was that there was a store in Redwood City (in California) where this coffee was being sold for $695 per pound.

Go figure!

Just proves the point that Jensen makes in the book.


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