Ways to distingish yourself – #44 Connect your projects

Ways to distingish yourself – #44 Connect your projects

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 19 Oct 2005, 9:37 PM – Leave Comment

I have said this before and I have also said this in my book and none

of us can escape from this – we are always in the middle of two or more

projects in our life. I say two or more as there will be at least one

project from your work and there will be at least one project from your

life. Just to give an idea – if you find anyone working on only TWO

projects, it will be a miracle.

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about the need to learn the art of managing multiple projects.

Here I want to focus on the need to connect most or all your projects

so that each project will leverage out of your investment in the other


I learnt this late and I just wish I had learnt this before. First, I

had to define who I was to connect the projects that I was working on.

I now describe myself as someone who EATs with passion! (E=Entrepreneur, A=Author and T=Teacher) and it’s working out great. I love to create companies as an Entrepreneur.

I have failed, succeeded and learnt about entrepreneurship all “on the

job.” From my experiences, I write books as an Author. That gives me credibility to Teach

where I meet potential employees or partners for companies I create. So

it’s a full circle. Whatever I do in one area easily supports the other

two areas. The relationships I create in one area help me with

relationships in the other area. Of course, all this did not happen

overnight. There was a lot of trial and error.

I am not saying that I have found THE winning formula but I must say that this is a winning formula for now.

Think about the projects that you are handling now and look for ways

for connecting your projects. What could you leverage from one project

in the other. Can any of your relationships in one project be leveraged

for your other projects? Is there anything that you can do that can be

leveraged across all projects?

Something to think about.

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