The IT Manager’s Dilemma

The IT Manager’s Dilemma

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 26 Sep 2005, 5:23 PM – 2 Comments

I am now a columnist for an online magazine called My columns over there will appear on the last Monday of every month. The first article is titled “The IT Manager’s Dilemma

Being a manager is hard work. Many managers feel that it’s a thankless job. Sometimes managers are also put under the category of “overheads” :(

This article focuses on some of the people issues that come up while managing IT professionals and a few insights on how to manage in these challenging times. To be more specific, one of the manager’s job is to answer questions of his/her team members. The question is what questions should a manager answer – the ones that are asked ONLY or should he or she take the time to answer those “un-asked” questions?

Over to The IT Manager’s Dilemma.

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Anonymous  on September 26th, 2005

A good article.Well, i don’t know if it fits into the context of your column but i think you missed the gist and that is ‘Team formation’ stuff.One must read Eric Sink’s new article ( ) and other two articles ( As these would address ‘How to form a great team’ , obviously because a-very-smart IT-Manager can’t give you great results with average team members)

These are mandatory-readings for every IT Manager because he definitely has some solid arguments about making a top-notch team. Though he talks at micro-ISV level , however, im sure this would work in corporate culture as well.

Anonymous  on September 26th, 2005

Great point. Agree with you there. No question that the team plays a very important role. I call that the fulfillment infrastructure. Not only should you have the right people, the people should have the right tools to execute on the projects that they take on.

Thanks for the comments. Nice nickname :)

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