Ways to distinguish yourself – #34 Focus on increasing ROII

Ways to distinguish yourself – #34 Focus on increasing ROII

By Rajesh Setty on Tue 06 Sep 2005, 10:28 PM – 7 Comments

No, there is no mistake and I did not mean ROI. ROII is a new term that I coined. It stands for “Return on Investment for an Interaction”.

Let me explain –

Life if full of interactions. We interact with people when we meet

them, when we talk on phone, when we exchange emails or for that

matter, I am interacting with you when you are reading this blog entry.

Every interaction has a cost for both parties participating in the

interaction. If you focus on ensuring that the other party has the

highest ROII (return on investment for an interaction with you), you

win big time.

What if you decided that for the rest of your life you will ensure a

high ROII for anyone that participates in an interaction with you.

Wouldn’t that make you special?

Update: I got two

emails asking for examples. Well, let me pick the easiest example –

blogs – the fastest way of interacting with people.  I want to

dedicate this post to a few people whose blogs have provided the

highest ROII for me in the past few months (in no particular order)

* Seth Godin

* Brad Feld

* Robert Scoble

* Worthwhile Magazine

* TP Wire Service


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Jon Husband  on August 15th, 2009

Hi, Rajesh. I just ran across this today, don’t know why not sooner.

Here I was thinking I was clever, coining the acronym and phrase identical to yours.

I honestly don’t quite remember when I first used the term, but it would have been in the latter half of 2005 somewhere (I can probably dig it out if I had to), so .. I guess if you run across my use of it and feel put out, we’ll have to agree that great minds … ;-)

Rajesh Setty  on August 15th, 2009


Thanks for the note and yes, we have an agreement about great minds :)



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