Another interesting perspective on Social Networking

Another interesting perspective on Social Networking

By Rajesh Setty on Thu 16 Jun 2005, 10:45 AM – 3 Comments

I talked about the topic of Social networking on June 4. David Batstone provides an interesting perspective on this topic on his blog today (link: I don’t want to be your friend-ster)

David explains why it’s hard to be “linkedin” to every friend. It is a

delicate balance who you get “linkedin” to. If you don’t get linkedin

to someone, does it mean they are less of a friend – may be not. There

is no one right answer. You have to find your own balance.

One thing is sure – if you are big on social networking, never take

unfair advantage of it. It won’t last long. It has to be GIVE and take.


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Anonymous  on June 19th, 2005

I agree hands-down that networking is “give and take”. But I can’t get enough of saying that we have to differentiate between “business” and “social” networking. I completely disagree with David’s post on Worthwhile [have left a comment there too] – I doesn’t seem like any research had gone into writing that article.


Anonymous  on June 20th, 2005

Thanks Naina.

For the record, I don’t have anything against LinkedIn. In fact, I have a good friend working for them. My point was that online or offline, the principles of networking will remain the same – you have to have a healthy value exchange else the relationship won’t last long. If you are not relevant to another person, the person may not have a lot of interest in you.

For some reason, many people tend to believe that because it’s easy to get connected online, it’s easy to build a lasting relationship. Getting connected is only the first step – that won’t provide a short cut to building a lasting relationship.

Have a great day there!

Anonymous  on June 27th, 2005

I agree, apart from a few technological points that we have to keep in mind, online networking is not different from traditional networking – the basic principle of building a relationship always remains. I think that’s where most people mess up – as you rightly said – they feel that because it’s easy to get connected and reach into someone’s inbox, it must be easy to build a relationship. But it needs effort – and more sensitivity than a face-to-face meeting.

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