Ways to distinguish yourself – #22 Learn to sell

Ways to distinguish yourself – #22 Learn to sell

By Rajesh Setty on Sun 24 Apr 2005, 9:30 PM – 2 Comments

If you are not in sales, this might surprise you. Many of you may be

thinking “I don’t ever intend to be in sales. This does not apply to


Believe me, it DOES! Everyone of us are selling something almost on a

daily basis. We may be selling our abilities to perform a job, our

ideas or our point of view.

Unfortunately, the sales profession does not get a lot of respect from

many quarters. Many of us won’t accept that everyone is a salesperson

in some way or the other.

A key point to note is that “selling” does not always refer to the

actual selling of a product or a service. However, the same principles

of sales apply even if you want to “sell an idea” to your co-worker,

boss or your client. If you can master some of the basic principles of

sales, your daily life will be simpler.

As a starter, take a look at Mahan Khalsa’s book Let’s Get Real or Let’s Not Play. One of the best books on sales I have ever read.

Whether you are a salesperson or not, you will enjoy this book.

Have fun!


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Anonymous  on April 25th, 2005

As a reformed programmer :-) I agree, and also think that everyone who wants to succeed needs to learn how to market themselves too. It’s funny, but I can remember going to hacker conferences and laughing at 2am with the other geeks about “suits” and those $#@$#@ “marketing weenies” and such.

Zoom forward a decade and it’s now startlingly obvious to me just why everyone needs to be able to put on their marketing hat sometimes (how else are you going to get companies and colleagues interested in your thoughts and abilities?) and even, yes, do a bit of sales too (marketing gets them to the “door”, sales is what gets them to “buy” you).

As a consultant it’s critical that you can market yourself, your company and your services, but it’s just as critical that you can *close*, that you can *sell*, that you *land the contracts* and keep food on the table.

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