It Conversations Service At The Core

IT Conversations – Service at the core

By Rajesh Setty on Wed 06 Apr 2005, 7:29 PM – Leave Comment

I really enjoyed the OSBC 2005 conference. Met a lot of people. If I write about everyone that I met, the next few weeks will be only about this topic :)

My meeting with Doug Kaye, the founder of IT Conversations was very very interesting. IT conversations puts together recordings from conferences such as OSBC 2005 and makes it available to the masses. As always, my question to Doug was about the business model.

The answer that Doug provided was what makes him special, I think.

Doug said that the funding for this effort happens through sponsorships and making money was secondary to him. His main goal as he put it – “I want to get all this good content into the hands of folks that are unable to attend such conferences. There must be about 700 folks here but I am sure there are 70,000 folks that are out there that will benefit from the content from this conference”

I could clearly see the “service” component standing out. There is a lot to learn from what Doug has done and his attitude. I wish IT conversations will be hugely successful. IT conversations is listener supported and it’s a great cause. If you like what you see there, please support Doug and that will help all of us.

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