Publishing Innovation example – Sourcebeat

Publishing Innovation example – Sourcebeat

By Rajesh Setty on Thu 03 Mar 2005, 11:02 PM – Leave Comment

Open source changes fast. Very fast. We should know this. We at CIGNEX

have been implementing open source solutions for customers across the

world since last four years. It was a lot of hard work initially as

there was limited documentation on most open source software. Now a

days, we have a ton of books that are being published on open source as

a movement as well as several open source tools and technologies.

Here is an interesting problem with books related to open source tools

and technologies: They get outdated fast! Publishing is a long process

and many times the book is outdated even before it hits the market. So,

there is a publishing challenge when it comes to books related to open

source tools and technologies.

A problem for one is an opportunity for another. I am so proud of my friend Matt Filios who took this up as an opportunity to build an innovative publishing company Sourcebeat.

Sourcebeat publishes books related to open source that are available in

traditional book format but they are more famous for their subscription

model. When you buy a sourcebeat published book, you are guaranteed

freshness for the next twelve months as the authors update the book

every month and the updates are available for free for the next twelve


There is a lot of momentum for sourcebeat titles as the value is clear.

Books denoted some sort of finality earlier but not anymore – with the

companion websites, live updates etc.. books have become just a

starting point of a relationship with the author and the reader.

It seems like an obvious thing now. Most innovations are like that. Hats off to Matt for thinking about this first!!

Disclaimer: Two of our team members Munwar Shariff and Michel Pelletier have written a book called Plone Live that is being published by Sourcebeat. The book is in the Early Release Program now and should be out soon.


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