Ways to distinguish yourself – #1 Care as if its your own!

Ways to distinguish yourself – #1 Care as if its your own!

By Rajesh Setty on Mon 21 Feb 2005, 10:20 PM – 4 Comments

Late last year we were looking to move into a bigger office space and I

was asking my friends for some referrals to good commercial real estate

brokers. One of them asked me to contact Jeff . I asked “So who is Jeff

with?” This person interestingly did not know where Jeff was working

and almost didn’t care about the company Jeff was associated with. He

said “I have no clue there. But I am confident that he will take good

care of you” and handed Jeff’s number.

Long story short. We met Jeff Ramirez (who is with Cornish and Carry)

and from day one, we had a pleasant experience. We could see that he

really cared. He asked a lot of questions about our business and what

we were looking in the new office space.  After a couple of

meetings, we could feel that Jeff almost had a complete understanding

of our business and our needs. In the next couple of weeks, he showed

us three office spaces and not surprisingly, our management team liked

all the three of them. Talk about hit rate – he had 100%. This wouldn’t

have been possible if he didn’t care!!

Jeff is now a good friend I will have no hesitation to do business with

him again or to refer him to someone else that is looking for office


Thanks Jeff – By caring and taking care of us, you have distinguished yourself and set an example for others.


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joanncorley  on August 30th, 2009

What a great insight. In fact this is an essential career management strategy. These days, should there be a lay off list, if you want to be the one in which they say, “Hey we gotta figure out a way to keep her/him.” This attitude you set you apart. As a career and management coach, I say, “People hire you for your perceived skill. They keep you for who you are.” It’s being authentic in your work that will really matter in the end.


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